I decided last year that I felt I consumed too much and produced too little. I know it has become fashionable to “Grow Your Own” but I thought it fitted in nicely with what I wanted to do. An advantage I had is that I have been living in a house with a decent sized garden in New Zealand, where you get a good mixture of warm temperatures, plenty of rain and sun and pretty fertile soil.

With help from my sister and a few pointers on the internet. I got under way and five months later I have planted, grown, picked and eaten; spinach, cucumbers, courgettes, lettuce, silverbeat, sugarsnap peas and plenty of tomatoes (my most successful crop). Sadly we are leaving NZ soon and I won’t get to eat the peppers I have grown as they are only just fruiting now but my housemates will get to enjoy them. I am determined to start growing again when I get back to the UK and broaden what I grow and in turn cook. 

I am not the most practical person and had no experience prior to this. The message is that if I can do it, almost anyone can. It is cheap, easy and the food tastes amazingly fresh.  

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